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“My wife’s Board-certified neurologist recommended Petadolex brand butterbur . . .”

Woman and two dogs

"I'm a 43 year old female, have suffered from migraines since the age of nine. As I've grown older my migraines have gotten more intense and come more often. I begged my doctor for some help. My doctor's wife is using Petadolex with success so he recommended I try it as well. After the first month of using Petadolex I charted a 20% decrease in my migraines from the previous month. I have told everyone I know who suffers from nasty migraines to try Petadolex. Petadolex makes life easier. Thanks Petadolex!"

Tonya Bruner
Canton, GA

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"I've suffered with migraines for 8 years averaging 7 - 8 migraines per month. I've seen several doctors: a general practitioner, a neurologist, an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor and a headache specialist. I've been prescribed over 15 different preventative medications both over the counter and pharmaceuticals. I started taking Petadolex in July, 2008. In the first 4 weeks of taking Petadolex (50 mg, 3 times per day) I reduced my migraines by 50%. The following 8 week period I averaged only 4 migraines per month. Now I average 3 migraines per month and these migraines are less severe. Thanks to Petadolex I have my life back!"

Stephen A. Swan,
Oswego, IL

"I have been using Petadolex for 2 years and have found that in combination with prescription medication my migraines have become more manageable. I highly recommend migraine sufferers give Petadolex a try. What have you got to lose!"

Lauren Demore
West Milford, NJ

"Petadolex was recommended to me by my neurologist, and it works very well. I had taken 4 prescription meds for migraines prior to trying Petadolex and none worked. Really helps with my allergies too!"

Page Kurtz
Cape Porpoise, ME

"I have been using Petadolex for a few years now. It has decreased the number of migraine headaches that I experience. Using Petadolex along with taking my regular migraine medication at the first sign of a headache has dramatically reduced the out of commission time I used to experience on a regular basis. Now I rarely end up flat on my back in bed with a migraine."

Sally McLeod
Foster City, CA

"I have been using Petadolex for approximately two years following the advice of my physician (Allan Rifkin). I suffer from monthly migraines related to hormone changes. Since taking Petadolex, both the intensity and duration of my migraines have been reduced. My experience suggests that the product performs precisely as described. By taking Petadolex, I am taking fewer Imatrex injections and tablets and am better able to manage my migraines."

Tori Jennings
Madison, WI

"I have been a migraine sufferer since I was a teenager, and the number and intensity had increased into middle-age. A year ago, I was regularly getting 3-4 migraines a week. Then I read about another migraineur's success with Petadolex on her blog. I figured I had nothing to lose (except a few headaches) and tried it. Within a few weeks, my migraines were half in number, and reduced in intensity. Within a few months, I was down to one a week. Now, I regularly go 2 weeks between migraines, and my record is 5 weeks. Finally, I feel like I can actually control my migraines... and, every so often, I manage to forget for a little while that I even have them... what a wonderful feeling."

Tom Hahn
Prescott, AZ

"My name is Chris Bausch, I am a professional Photographer and I cannot afford down days with a migraine. My mother used to get such bad Migraines that she would be i bed for days. It wasn't until I started getting them that I knew what she went through. I first went to my primary doctor and got Maxalt. That helped when the migraine happened for a while but the migraines became more frequent and severe, I was sent to the neurologist, he put me on antidepressants, it made me groggy and did not help. Then I went to the New England center for headache, they put me on more antidepressants, none of them worked. Then he told me of Petadolex, I figured what the heck, I will give it a try. After a few weeks I noticed less headaches, and when I am good and take the Petadolex as prescribed I rarely get them. Also there are no side effects that I can see, no groggyness, I have also noticed less depression than I had had in the past. This should be looked into. I love this stuff. If you think I am a shill for this Company here is my cell phone number. You can call me direct.631-682-8328. Buy it and try it. I have even given the info to my Pharmacist who have friends she feels needs something else."

Chris Bausch
Huntington, NY

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McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams
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